Glass Paperweights

A Long Life Promotional Message

Plain glass paperweights are a great low cost, long life promotional message carrier. A bit of your business in their business!

How do you get your customers to remember you? Why is it, that for no reason, a company that you have done lot's of work for stop's using you? Where have they gone? Why do they use your competitors when you offer a better service? Chances are they have forgotten you! Simple as that. But when you think about it, quite logical. Businesses change, people change and bang before you know it you have been forgotten.

Custom Paperweights are a perfect solution, reminding your customers about your business. A quality glass paperweight will stay on customers desks often for years subtly and gently keeping your business in the mind of your customers.

Plain glass paper weights are a cost effective, long life promotional tool. Capable of being full colour printed with your company colours and contact information or message.

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Size Your Branded Gifts

Paperweight Size Paperweight Shape Backing Options
90mm Round Coloured Felt
100 x 70mm Oval Coloured Felt
Felt Backing - Black, Red, Blue, Green - Non colourfast may stain table cloths etc
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