Metal Name Badges

Aluminium Name Tags

Superb aluminium metal name badges available in a range of finishes and sizes. The perfect choice to add some 'Je ne sais quoi' to your company image.

Connect Luxe metal name badges are an elegant alternative to plastic badges. Made from high quality aluminium and printed to your specification these employee badges are a must for any customer facing business. Lightweight, easy to wear, all day, everyday! For further impact and increased life add an appearance enhancing protective dome covering.

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Materials & Finishes

  • Silver Grain (Brushed) Aluminium

    Silver Grain (Brushed) Aluminium

  • Silver Satin Aluminium

    Silver Satin Aluminium

  • Gold Grain (Brushed) Aluminium

    Gold Grain (Brushed) Aluminium

  • Gold Satin Aluminium

    Gold Satin Aluminium

  • White Coated Aluminium

    White Coated Aluminium

  • Pantone Colour On White Aluminium

    Pantone Colour On White Aluminium

Protect Your Name Badges

Enhance your badge with a 3D dome covering

By protecting your badge or name tag with a resin dome you will prolong the life of your employee badges ensuring the maximum return on your investment.

A domed badge has more depth than non domed badges enhancing their appearance. Furthermore it creates a pleasing three dimensional effect that increases the visual impact of the badge. Our doming process ensures that the covering will not discolour even when exposed to UV light. The dome cover also protects the printed surface of the badge ensuring your badge looks great, each day, every day.

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Fit Your Name Badges

  • Standard Bar Pin

    Standard Bar Pin

  • Standard Brooch Pin

    Standard Brooch Pin

  • Standard Pin & Clip

    Standard Pin & Clip

  • Standard Crocodile Clip

    Standard Crocodile Clip

  • Optional Magnet Fitting

    Optional Magnet Fitting

  • Option Rotating Pin & Clip

    Option Rotating Pin & Clip

Size Your Name Badges

Standard Badge Size Badge Shape
73 x 44mm Oblong
73 x 35mm Oblong
73 x 19mm Oblong
53 x 25mm Oblong
70 x 53mm Oval
75 x 45mm Oblong With Bevel Edge
66 x 32mm Oblong With Bevel Edge
65 x 48mm Oval With Bevel Edge
Other Sizes Contact Us For Options
Bevel Edge Badges Cannot Have A Dome Covering
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