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25 Nov 2012

The John Lewis Christmas advert, love it, or hate it, everyone is talking about it. Mission accomplished then for their advertising agency, who with a stellar budget of £5 million plus have created an oscar winning short film and doubtless a star of the future. You've got to admit he is a good little actor!

On my measure Christmas officially started last night with my first view of the heart warming Coke advert “holidays are coming, holidays are coming....”. Better get my letter off to Santa!

Retailers struggling to entice reluctant consumers into their stores, know that Christmas is essential to their long term existence. This is clearly demonstrated by the plethora of 'one day promotions', money off deals and essentially in mid December the commencement of the January Sales. In these stringent times retailers have to 'fight' for every penny.

So how can retailers maximise the effectiveness of these campaigns? How can they ensure customers will receive and understand the message? In crowded 'air space' how will your promotion stand out?

Our range of promotional badges should be an essential component of a retailers marcoms package. These inexpensive items deliver superb visual impact and convey simple messages with a 'punch'. With lead times or around a fortnight we can work with you to ensure you get the most out of Christmas and the New Year Sales.

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