Shaped Metal Coasters

Quality Aluminium

Stand out with our range of special shape aluminium coasters. The large 146 x 95mm coaster provides a large 'artboard' for your designs and corporate message. 

How do you get your customers to remember you? Why is it, that for no reason, a company that you have done lots of work for stops using you? Where have they gone? Why do they use your competitors when you offer a better service? Chances are they have forgotten you! Simple as that. But when you think about it quite logical. Businesses change, people change and bang before you know it you have been forgotten.

Personalised coasters are a long life business reminder that will stay in the office even if the people change. Aluminium coasters are a quality gift communicating your company message whilst protecting the desk surface.

Our coasters are available in a range of shapes and sizes either with felt or cork backed options.

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Materials & Finishes

  • Silver Grain (Brushed) Aluminium

    Silver Grain (Brushed) Aluminium

  • Silver Satin Aluminium

    Silver Satin Aluminium

  • Gold Grain (Brushed) Aluminium

    Gold Grain (Brushed) Aluminium

  • Gold Satin Aluminium

    Gold Satin Aluminium

  • White Coated Aluminium

    White Coated Aluminium

  • Pantone Colour On White Aluminium

    Pantone Colour On White Aluminium

Size Your Branded Gifts

Coaster Size Coaster Shape Backing Options
Special Sizes
94mm Hexagon Coloured Felt or Cork
90mm Octagon Coloured Felt or Cork
115 x 90mm Oval Coloured Felt or Cork
146 x 95mm Oblong Coloured Felt or Cork
Felt Backing - Black, Red, Blue, Green - Non colourfast may stain table cloths etc
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