Shaped Acrylic Name Badges

Name Badges Your Own Shape!

This range of name badges can be cut to almost any shape or design offering you the ability to create a name badge that is visually impressive and totally unique for your business. 

Our plastic or acrylic name badges add a new dimension to the humble name badge. Stand out from the crowd and give increased visual impact to your logo. No longer are you confined to a simple rectangle, with 'bursts' you can break boundaries and allow your creative designs to 'come to life'. Materials below for plastic badge. Acrylic in White, Silver or Pantone colours only. 

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Materials & Finishes

  • Brushed Gold Metallex

    Brushed Gold Metallex

  • Brushed Silver Metallex

    Brushed Silver Metallex

  • Satin Silver Metallex

    Satin Silver Metallex

  • White Plastic

    White Plastic

  • Pantone Colour On White Plastic

    Pantone Colour On White Plastic

  • White On Black Back

    White On Black Back

Fit Your Name Badges

  • Standard Bar Pin

    Standard Bar Pin

  • Standard Brooch Pin

    Standard Brooch Pin

  • Standard Pin & Clip

    Standard Pin & Clip

  • Standard Crocodile Clip

    Standard Crocodile Clip

  • Optional Magnet Fitting

    Optional Magnet Fitting

  • Option Rotating Pin & Clip

    Option Rotating Pin & Clip

Size Your Name Badges

Connect Essential Burst
Badge Size Shape 
Cut from a maximum 100mm Square Your own unique design
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